Italo Chalet.
The place of the heart.

Live, Love, Livigno.

Pure air at 1800 meters. The clear sky, the sun on your skin. The crisp morning breeze. Livigno is to be enjoyed all year round, not just in summer or winter. It offers rest and relaxation for all, along with endless opportunities to play sports, have fun, relax. Put simply: to feel good.

The countless activities including skiing, mountain bike trails, walks along the Spöl stream, the water and wellness world of the Aqua Granda centre, walks and stunning views in the pristine environment of "Little Tibet", traditional local products, well-deserved 'dolce far niente'... there is always a side of Livigno that you don't know and that is waiting to amaze you. Beyond shopping there is more. Come and discover another Livigno you will love.


Alfio and Debora welcome you to the Italo Chalet apartments in Via Saroch and Via dala Gesa.

For over 25 years, we have been hosting mountain lovers from all over the world. And even if we don't speak your language perfectly, we know the universal language of welcome and friendliness.

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Via Saroch

Via Dala Gesa

Chalet Italo. International family hospitality.

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